About the Artist

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Adriana has an extensive background in fine arts, which gives her a wider range of options for customs designs.
The understanding of color and form gives a broad range of possibilities when approaching a project.

Adriana and her husband Marius have been working together for over ten years and love creating unique and memorable works.

Adriana and Marius have certificates in faux painting and they are constantly updating to stay in touch with the current trends in the faux decorative world.

What we do

At Adriana Studios we believe that nothing is impossible. We enjoy getting to know our clients and working with them to achieve the effects they will enjoy for years to come. For those who do not have a wall design concept in mind we provide over thirty samples to select from or work with you to inspire a custom finish. We also offer other visual guides such as custom stone portfolio, and other current decorative faux world.

In addition to our substantial faux portfolio Adriana offers custom fine art in a classical realistic style. Her work ranges from portraits, murals, trompe l'oeil, to sculptures and illustrative images. She works with oils, acrylics, graphite, plastina and marbles, often utilizing combinations to create the finest result.

Adriana Studios has a unique perspective on faux because of the artistic creativity we bring to our work.

Our Work

Our work has been featured in "Dreams Magazine" and "New Homes and Remodeling".

poza poza

And won the People's Choice Awards at "Design du Jour at Whittington"